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I am Timi Sófalvi

The best of my belief is that everyone has a place in the world. If somebody is not in his/her place, he/she won’t be in a good shape or feel good. When you are in your place, you have joy in what you do.

I have always been searching for this: where is your place?

My place in the world is to walk by people. I accompany those who are on their journey, support them in making the decisions that are good for them. I am with them in their difficulties and pleasures. Being on the road is good. Changing and making change is good.

As a connecting person I see that to do this is easier when we do it together. Come along with me!

I am Zoltán Hámori

Father, husband, brother, friend and a lot more… and still I am one, since EVERYTHING IS ONE.

For me the base of everything that instead of what I experience with my sensory organs, I accept the this thought that “everything is one” as a reality.

In my life I function based of these principles:

  • I know that I am responsible too for everything, and really everything that happens in the world, and I decide what and why I do. Meanwhile I am aware of my limitations that I must take into consideration; I am continuously reflect on my functions and I ponder in any given situation which one is stronger.

  • I think in advance and ponder that what are the expected consequences of each of my actions; I make my decisions with paying respect of these and take all the responsibilities of my actions

  • If something doesn’t work for me I either change it or accept it as it is, so there is no third option like I don’t do anything, or I am just chagrined at it why it is like that.

  • I do what I say, I say what I do

  • I set an example, and I believe that others also can act like that, so I behave with people accordingly

If you think these can be useful for you too, come along with me!

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