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I am Emőke Sófalvi-Bíró

My life is seen through by the desire to help, acting the part of the role of the protector,
so I generously and enthusiastically support those people and issues in whom and in what I believe.


I trust in Good, in True, in with heart and Hand and the in the Power of Love.


I  believe in that we can change anytime, just we need a little support for the start.

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I am Zoltán Nagy


I have been working as an independent financial consultant since 2007. At that time I only understood that our pension and health care system would radically change, and more and more responsibility will be incumbent on the individuals. On when and on what he take care of.

Then I learned that the financial safety of a layman is ensured by his work force, and if, even temporarily, the ability for work is decreasing, his domestic budget can collapse within a short time.

Then comes the credits. Those things for that we have money easier, than for savings or for protection. Where is the balance between to satisfy your desires and ensuring your needs? This is the most exciting part of my work. To find the way, that achieve the plans while guarantee the building of protection net too. I experienced that the financial situation is not just a matter of knowledge or fortune. Principally it is defined by the way of thinking what level of financial safety we create. The younger someone understood his responsibility and what he should take care of, the more stable way he could build for himself. For himself and for the next generation. This is a question that identify my work. What will we leave behind?

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