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Services and opportunities for cooperationwithout  being exhaustive:

Improving initiatives, informal groups and organizations:

After getting to know your ideas, capacity and demands, we support you in finding international and national resources and writing grants

We support you in planning, designing the budget, creating the financial and HR plan, as well as in management and administration.

We help you to create the administrative processes that are


We run trainings, provide individual consultations or

longer-term mentoring support.

You can consult with us for example with these topics:

  • If you work with youth

  • If your target group comes from disadvantaged background, such as people with disabilities, unemployed people, etc

  • If you use social work tools or drama methods during your work

  • If you work with NGOs

  • If you are an enthusiastic team with lots of ideas but without organization yet

  • If you are interested in civil society, social entreprises, relationship with government, lobbying, CSR, corporate relationships, public procurements.

  • If you have any interesting ideas that you couldn't find in the list above.

If you are not a member of a group, please contact us:

  • If you want to change but don't know how to do it - yet.

  • If you want to initiate change and you need somebody to walk with you in this process.

Civil Support Hub

  • Where appropriate the BeeTree team provides back-office type of services to those groups who have got strategical planning support too, so they have the opportunity to focus on their passion and pay attention to achieve their projects.

  • Our colleagues take over project management type of tasks, project administration, billing, preparing docs for the accountant or organizing tasks.

  • In the life of organizations to communicate their work to the world is essential. Our colleagues provide support in marketing field too: we take part in the promotion of their programmes, services and products, in identifying  and reaching target groups, in choosing the proper online marketing tools, in establishing and managing their social media platforms, in creating their LinkedIn profile and in exploring their networking channels.


What happens if you get in touch with us?

Step 1: Assessment of the current situation and your demands
During the first meeting we will talk a bit: we get to know your plans, your ideas and explore what you need

Step 2:Establishing cooperation plan

After this, our expert team will take it into consideration how we can connect to each other, what kind of services we can provide for you  so you can achieve your plans. 

Step 3: Agreement
We make a contract with you including the conditions of our cooperation: who contribute what for the success of the common work. 


Step 4: Working together based on the contract

Get in touch with us! 

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